March 20, 2010 by cgsstlouischapter

Because of the cold weather the CGS/STL
board meeting was postponed from
January 9 until January 16. 
Consequently, instead of being able to
listen together to the national conference
call at the World Community Center, we
had to participate individually from our
homes.  The subject of this month’s call
was the need to get the U.S. Senate to
ratify the CEDAW Treaty, that is the
Convention to Eliminate (all forms of)
Discrimination Against Women. which
was adopted by the U.N. General
Assembly 130-0 in 1979 and signed by
President Carter.  The United States is
one of only seven countries that has not
ratified this treaty.  Some of the others
are Somalia, Sudan, and Iran–not very
good company for us.
   The needed action at the present time
is to flood the Whitehouse with messages
asking President Obama to make
ratification of this treaty a priority for his
administration.  To do your part, send a
message through the website <http://; or e-mail to
<> or call
202/456-1111 or write President Barack
Obama, 1600 Pensylvania Avenue NW,
Washington DC 20500.
  Be part of our effort.  Do it NOW.
  Thanks for your help.


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