The Millennium Development Goals: Getting Involved

September 28, 2009 by cgsstlouischapter

                                                               by Sandra Lee

     There are many ways that you personally can help in supporting the Millennium Development Goals.  The United Nations sponsors various projects that are accessible via their website at http://www.unorg/milleniumgoals/takeaction.shtml.

   The United Nations Development Programme focuses on providing developing countries with knowledge-based consulting services and on building national, regional and global programs for change.  They would like to recruit a new generation of expert practitioners who want to contribute to those partnerships by offering strategic approaches to long-standing problems.  They are seeking individuals who can communicate advice and new ideas across cultures and different realms of society.  They have a wide range of opportunities available at various levels.  Competitive salaries are offered that are commensurate with experience.
   Another interesting program I researched is called the United Nations Volunteer program.  Their headquarters is located in Bonn, Germany.  The UN Volunteers is administered by the United Nations Development Programme and adheres to UNDP policies and procedures for recruitment and staffing.  They are seeking staff who are committed to the ideals of volunteerism and can contribute to UNV’s mission in three key areas: (1) advocating for volunteerism, (2) integrating volunteerism in development and (3) mobilizing volunteers for peace and development.  They offer a wide range of opportunities at various levels in different practitioner and support areas.  You may also access other volunteer opportunities at the World Volunteer website at
   Volunteering does not stop there.  You can support the Millennium Development goals by becoming a UNV Online Volunteer.  This service is available at  You can engage in development activities over the Internet.  This program provides online support to the work of grassroot organizations, international non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies.
    Lastly you can become a part of the Millennium Congregations.  This project works with diverse faith communities in facilitating education, advocacy and outreach for a more sustainable world through advancing the Millennium Development Goals.  The groups approach builds and integrates these three program areas to achieve results from the active engagement of congregations and other faith groups in reducing extreme poverty.  Through their capital campaign Rwanda Promise, Millennium Congregations is supporting the Millennium Villages in Rwanda.
   In order to make the Millennium Development Goals a success, you should contribute in a way that will be fulfilling and will give you a sense of pride knowing that you were able to make a difference in someone’s life.  Whether you contribute full or part time, anything that you do will help to ensure that this goal is met by or before the year 2015.

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