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    On Monday, June 8, 2009, while speaking to an audience at a meeting of the Senate and House Republican Campaign Committees, Newt Gingrich proclaimed himself “not a citizen of the world.”

   The question is, are you?

    Mr. Gingrich stated that global citizenship, as a concept, is, “intellectual nonsense and stunningly dangerous.”that it is not global citizenship that is “stunningly dangerous” but instead isolationism, focusing on our differences rather than our connections, and being short-sighted with regard to dealing with global problems. 

   Well, we respectfully disagree. Citizens for Global Solutions believes that global citizenship is not “intellectual nonsense,” but means recognizing the interconnectedness of humanity, protecting the rights of all human beings, and working together to solve the problems that affect us all. We believe


   One way to show that you are an involved citizen of the global community is to make an additional contribution to Citizens for Global Solutions, either through the web-site at  or by sending a check to Citizens for Global Solutions, 418 Seventh Street SE, Washington DC 20003. The main limitation on our present efforts is the lack of financial resources, and every little bit or big bit makes a big difference.



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