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“Omar Al-Bashir will face justice.  Whether it takes two months, or two years, he will face justice.”

— Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 4, 2009 – Citizens for Global Solutions is joining calls for the government of Sudan to comply with the arrest warrant issued today by the International Criminal Court against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir.  The warrant accuses the president of two counts of war crimes and five counts of crimes against humanity in Darfur, by ordering government troops as well as Janjaweed militia to engage in a systematic campaign of murder, rape and torture against members of the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa groups.  The Court has ordered government officials to hand over President Al-Bashir for trial on these charges, and asks all nations to help bring the president to justice.

  “This warrant is an example of actions that the Court was specifically created to take, in order to hold the world’s most heinous criminals accountable for their actions,” says Citizens for Global Solutions CEO Don Kraus.  “It proves that no one, including a head of state, is above the law.”

  While the judges declined to indict President Al-Bashir on charges of genocide at this time, they said they would reconsider that decision if new evidence came to light.

  Therefore, CGS calls on the United States to provide all assistance to the Court in apprehending President Al-Bashir, by taking him into custody if he enters our airspace, waters or territory; by freezing all economic and/or military aid to the Sudanese government until Sudan complies with this warrant; by using diplomacy to pressure President Al-Bashir to comply with the ICC demands; and contributing our enormous resources to this investigation to ensure that justice is served.

  CGS also urges the U.S. to deepen its cooperation with the Court.  We urge U.S. officials to render all possible aid to the International Criminal Court in its investigation of possible war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide in other countries, such as Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The aid should include logistical support for ICC missions and staff, as well as diplomatic and economic assistance.

  Furthermore, CGS urges the U.S. to reinstate its signature on the ICC treaty, and to take its seat as an observer at the Court’s governing body.  “The U.S. must take these very visible steps for it to credibly push for other nations to also cooperate with the Court by handing over to it indicted war criminals like President Omar Al-Bashir,” said Kraus. “We are confident that once apprehended President Al-Bashir will receive a fair and impartial trial at the ICC, since the judges have shown in earlier proceedings that they are not afraid to challenge the findings of the Court’s prosecutors.”




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